There are many reasons why a child would see a chiropractor. A lot of times when people think about chiropractic care they think of aches and pains. However, here at Paramount Health Chiropractic in Independence, Missouri our doctors have taken the time to receive extensive training to be able to serve kids who are experiencing a variety of health issues or whose parents know about the importance of maintaining good health from birth.

From the start of their lives, there is a lot of trauma placed on a baby as it enters this world. There’s a lot of twisting and pulling that can happen during the birth process. This can lead to muscle tension in a baby, but it could also lead to minor misalignments that if left unresolved can turn into major problems. Here at Paramount Health Chiropractic, we see kids in our office, who are struggling with basic simple functions, such as eating, sleeping, and pooping. Using a very gentle adjustment, which includes no twisting or pulling, we are able to restore function from the brain to the area of the body, allowing your little one to be more comfortable. We have helped new parents throughout the years with issues from latching while nursing to meeting developmental milestones. When you come into our office and have your child assessed, we will be able to help determine what we can help your specific children with.

As babies grow to toddlers, they are taking many spills and falls. Getting these misalignments corrected now allows that child to continue to grow and develop into a happy healthy adult. One of the sayings we have in our office is “Healthy kids turn into healthy adults, whereas unhealthy kids turn into unhealthy adults.” Getting your child’s nervous system functioning properly from a young age sets them up on a much better health trajectory.

As toddlers make the transition into big kids, new health challenges can arise. Whether that is concerns with chronic ear infections due to a misaligned top bone in their spine or ongoing bedwetting concerns due to misalignments in the lower spine. Getting these children checked out and getting their bodies functioning at their best is going to allow their bodies to continue to develop in an optimal way.

As you watch your big kid turn into a middle school aged kid, one of the things we are going to want to continue to watch for is that there’s not added pressure onto the upper cervical/neck area. Oftentimes we see this developing during middle school time due to a lot of forward head posture, whether that be from using tablets and cell phones to reading books. We want to make sure we continue to allow their spine to move and function optimally to ensure that there is no added pressure onto the top portion of the spine which could long-term lead to issues with headaches, migraines, anxiety, or even depression.

As your middle schooler turns into a highschooler, we transition from a pediatric approach into one that focuses on those developing muscles and structures. We know a lot of times these high school aged students are engaging in contact sports or sports that require repetitive motion, we want to ensure these injuries are addressed properly so they won’t wake up as a 40 year old blaming the aches and pains on things that happened in high school.

We are here to assist you and your growing family in maintaining proper health throughout all the stages of development from newborn to adulthood.