Saying, “good day” to TMJ and enjoying Pain Relief

Eleda was experiencing low back pain and TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder often feels like jaw pain) for years. Her pain in the low back would get so bad that she couldn’t walk very far and it was debilitating. Eleda’s TMJ pain was so bad that she would grind her teeth day and night causing her even more pain throughout the day. She had tried some different approaches to help wtih her discomfort, working at a physical therapy clinic she sought treatment there and was not seeing a huge difference Eldea didn’t want to have to turn to drugs or medications.

She had been to a couple chiropractors before and had found benefit, she had no doubt that Paramount Health Chiropractic would help her. Eleda knew a lot about how the body functioned and really enjoyed how in depth the evaluation was. Within her first thirty days she had no TMJ pain and was no longer experiencing debilitating low back pain.

Now her pain is very minimal and when it shows up it goes away much quicker than ever before, Eleda and the Paramount team are excited to see how her body continues to heal over the course of her care. Eleda and her parents are all striving for better heath through Paramount Health, and she would recommend chiropractic care for anybody!

Trusting Chiropractic Again, He is getting Busy Living!

Johnny was dealing with chronic back pain for twelve long years and was suffering from depression and anxiety before coming into Paramount Health Chiropractic. It was affecting him physically, emotionally and spiritually feeling as though he was barely functioning. After having two discectomies on the L4 & L5 section of his spine after the second he was left in chronic pain.

Johnny walked in having doubts about starting care with us because the chiropractors he saw previously only treated the symptoms and not the root cause. Now he is a firm believer and says Paramount Health Chiropractic has changed his life for the better. Johnny’s first impression of our office was fun and inviting. Always looking forward to being here because he feels Dr. John and his staff are all amazing and are some of his favorite people in the world. After coming in for his regular adjustments for ten months now he is depression and anxiety free. Feeling so strongly about how Paramount Health Chiropractic can help people his wife is now under care and getting great results for her chronic back pain.

Johnny encourages others, “If you want results, actual results, with chiropractic care there is NO OTHER chiropractic provider, come to Paramount Health Chiropractic! Life is too short to miss out on feeling well again! Get busy living, or get busy dying!”

Range of Motion back in Neck and Preventing Future Problems

Being an active teenagers involved in sports is a great way to learn discipline, teamwork and help with brain power. Because sports can be very rough and tough on the body it is very important for athletes to received wellness care so that their bodies can function at 100%, which in turn will help them perform at their best and aid in decreasing the chance of injuries.

Both of Zach’s parents were under care at Paramount Health for low back and upper neck pain. Believing that we could help their son who was having issues to his involvement in wrestling and football they were encouraged to him in.

At first Zach reported that he was having limited range of motion in his neck and was having this issue for weeks. It started to affect his daily life because he could only turn his head 45 degrees in each direction. Even after having doubts about chiropractic care he divided to give it a try. After only five visits he had full range of motion in his neck again. chiropractic care has helped him and he recommends it for anybody who is suffering, sick, or in pain. This is also a huge blessing his family is providing him as he is getting these problems corrected right away prior to him waking up 30 years down the road and having problems that require much more time to get corrected.

No More Pressure In My Neck!

Elizabeth came to Paramount Health Chiropractic because she was suffering from a few different health concerns. She was experiencing pressure in her neck,insomnia, and irregular menstrual cycles. On top of all that she also was dealing with a massive head injury, problems in her digestive tract as well as sciatic nerve issues.

When she first visited Paramount Health she was unable to walk with her pain being at a fifteen on a scale of 0-10 with ten being the highest level of pain. After dealing with all that pain for many years and taking many medications to alleviate the pain , Elizabeth was ready for a change.

Having seen a chiropractor before, she was skeptical and unsure if chiropractic care would help her and yet she gave it another try and after her very first adjustment the pressure in her neck went away. Now that Elizabeth has been getting regular adjustments, she has not had any issues walking nor problems with her sciatic nerve and she was able to gain more flexibility.

Elizabeth has quoted on several occasions that she would recommend Paramount Health Chiropractic to any and everyone who will listen and she would come everyday if able. Loving the atmosphere and the staff she has became part of the Paramount Health family.

Smooth Pregnancy and Delivery

After my first pregnancy, I had horrible low back pain. It became so bad that I avoided sitting down because the pain would cause my whole back to stiffen up. I tried multiple chiropractors, doctors, an MRI and ultimately ended up getting 2 steroid injections in my spine for relief. Those still didn’t help. I felt like giving up. No one could tell me why I was in pain. I thought the pain I was feeling was all in my head because every doctor I saw said I was fine. I could no longer ride in the car because sitting was so painful. I couldn’t sit on the floor and play with my son because my leg would radiate with pain.

Someone mentioned Dr. Johns office to me but I doubted it would work because I had been to other chiropractors with no relief. I was hopeful again after the time and effort the Paramount team made to determine the best course of action to help me. After about 2 months of consistently going to visits I started feeling like myself again.

Shortly after I started feeling relief I found out I was pregnant. To be honest I was completely terrified. I was afraid that my body hadn’t healed enough from the last pregnancy and back pain. I saw Dr. John throughout my entire pregnancy. This pregnancy was so much easier for me. I made it to 38 weeks and naturally went into labor. I labored for 5 hours and pushed for 5 minutes and she was here. I firmly believe that the chiropractic care I received during my pregnancy was a key factor in my smooth pregnancy and delivery. Now, my entire family goes to Paramount.

8+ Years of Three Headaches a Week GONE

Prior to learning about Paramount Health Chiropractic Jen had struggled with frequent headaches and moderate low back pain for several years. She had been getting headaches about 3 times a week.

She had seen a primary doctor about 8 years prior to get help from her headaches and was given the option of Excedrin, Motrin and Aleve. When she met Dr. John and the Paramount Health Chiropractic Team and started to receive neurologically based chiropractic care she found that her headaches became much less frequent within her first two weeks! She reported that since beginning her headaches have been pretty much gone, and that her back pain has only been minimal since she started care.

Jen states that she would recommend chiropractic care to others who are struggling!


Akayla came to Paramount Health Chiropractic after meeting a team member at a fashion show. At that time she had been previously diagnosed with mild scoliosis. She had been diagnosed with asthma since she was two years old, had headaches nearly daily, and had stomach pains at least multiple times a week.

When she walked into Paramount Health she didn’t know what to expect regarding the Torque Release Technique that Dr. John used, but she was pleasantly surprised.

After being under care for just two months Akayla began noticing that her headaches were much less frequent to unnoticeable. She had decreased her back pain significantly and was able to sit and stand for longer periods of time without any pain.

Akayla is not the only member of her family to come into Paramount Health her mother has been coming in for her back pain, insomnia, asthma, headaches, and misplaced ribs. Akayla’s mother has also been experiencing remarkable results.


Calvin is an adorable little baby who got his first chiropractic adjustment at just under two months old. At that time his mom, Amanda, had heard about neurologically based chiropractic care from a friend who also had brought her new baby to see Dr. John at Paramount Health Chiropractic.

When Calvin had arrived, Amanda told us that he was struggling with colic and reflux. Calvin cried for a few hours most days, he was struggling to breastfeed because of his reflux and would spit up often. She states that she could tell he was uncomfortable.

Amanda had seeked out Calvin’s pediatrician who recommended that Calvin take Zantac and told Amanda that Calvin would eventually grow out of it. At first Amanda was skeptical of taking Calvin to the chiropractor due to him being so young because at the time she didn’t know what an adjustment would look like for him. Amanda states, “from the very first phone call, everyone at the office has been extremely nice and so helpful. The office is set up well for being a new mom. Dr. John is wonderful and truly care about his patients.” Amanda is also under neurologically based chiropractic care as well for her aches and pains in her neck and legs.

Amanda states that she would recommend chiropractic care for others, “This experience has been life changing. Being a new parent is so hard! Calvin’s colic and reflux made it extra hard. De. John gave us a happy healthy baby and that is worth everything! I highly recommend chiropractic care to any new parents. It is the best money we’ve ever spent!”


When Nancy came into Paramount Health Chiropractic she was a little apprehensive and at the end of her rope. She thought that the chronic pain she had been dealing for several years with, would be a part of the rest of her life.

Nancy came in experiencing chronic back and and neck pain, prior to services at our office she had tried many avenues, she had been to a physical therapist, she had tried her family practitioner who ordered x-rays with no conclusion as to where the root cause of the problem were. She then saw a neurologist who prescribed her medications and creams which also didn’t solve the pain Nancy was experiencing. When Nancy started to get adjusted using neurologically based chiropractic care her pain didn’t go away overnight, just as it didn’t arrive overnight. After several months Nancy began to see results after following Dr. John’s recommendations.

Nancy now reports her chronic pain in her back and neck is gone and she is excited that she can now “walk like a normal person!” She has been spotted dancing at the office showcasing that her pain is gone and she is feeling great! Nancy describes her experience at Paramount Health Chiropractic as “life changing, a blessing, and not just the chiropractic help but the Doctor and his staff help you through the process of wellness: spiritually and physically!”


Natasha began neurologically based chiropractic care in October of 2018. She learned about the benefits of chiropractic when we met her at the Fall Fun Festival. She was unsure if chiropractic would be able to help her but she stated that some people swear by it and so she wanted to give it a chance. She began care due to the stabbing low back pain, and numb legs she was experiencing. She found that at the time she could barely twist and bend without hurting. Natasha noticed that within just a few weeks she could feel her legs again. She stated “I found myself not having to think about moving and how to do it in the least painful way, because I didn’t hurt!”

Before beginning neurologically based chiropractic care Natasha had received a shot that helped make the pain bearable. She was prescribed pain medications and muscle relaxers for a month which barely helped her. While being under care, she has been able to reduce all pain medications! Natasha reported “I had forgotten what it had felt like for me to feel my legs. I cried in joy when I realized I could do normal things again.” Natasha said she would definitely recommend chiropractic to others, especially to those who have tried everything with no results, just like she had experienced, before coming to the office.


Ruby first began neurologically based chiropractic care in October of 2018 after her sister had referred her into the office. Ruby had been suffering with digestion problems for years. She rated this as extremely severe and said if she had to base it on a scale of 1-10 it would be a 10!

Ruby had been to chiropractors and homeopathic doctors before as well as trying acupuncture without results. Because of this, she had doubts that chiropractic would be able to help her. In order to help with Ruby’s digestive issues, she was having to take laxatives multiple times a day. Ruby stated that within the first few months of being under care she has not had to take laxatives every night anymore, like she previously had to.

Ruby was doubtful at first that chiropractic could help her, but was hopeful because her sister gave the office such a great review. Her sister had been seeing great results with her dizziness, gastric reflux, and low back pain. Ruby stated that she would recommend chiropractic to others and that she felt really comfortable here in the office.


Shelley started under neurologically based chiropractic care in September of 2018. At that time she had met Dr. John while in the community. She started under care for some pain she was feeling in her foot, her neck and her shoulders. Shelley reported that one day she woke up after being under care for two or three weeks and noticed that her foot wasn’t hurting any longer. This surprised her at first. She had been dealing with this pain for over 10 years and it was hard to believe that she was starting to get relief so quickly after starting care.

Prior to starting under neurologically based care Shelley had tried a variety of services, topicals, and other methods to get relief but struggled to find it. She initially had doubts that chiropractic care could help her, but no longer does she feel that way. Shelley reports, “Dr. Jones is (and all his staff are) so very friendly, knowledgeable, professional, helpful and I am grateful to them! Thank you for all you do!” Shelley reports that she would recommend neurologically based chiropractic care to anybody struggling with pain or who are sick.


I originally came to Dr. John for lower back issues and sciatica pain but also found that I could find benefit from a disease I was told was incurable known as ulcerative colitis. The severity of my ulcerative colitis was unbearable, I was afraid to leave the house at times in fear of severe flare ups. By the time I started under chiropractic care I had been prescribed drugs to manage the disease, but they were too expensive so I looked to other natural remedies that did little to no good.”

“When I saw Paramount Health Chiropractic I was somewhat skeptical but open to anything that may cure this nasty disease.”

In three months time Larry reported to no longer having any symptoms of ulcerative colitis, sciatica, or the constant lower back pain he was feeling. He also noticed incredible results with his other health issues, such as neck movement and balance.

Larry reports that he would recommend chiropractic to, “everybody, regardless of pain or suffering. It’s just the right thing to do to make sure your body functions properly!”

Larry reports that his overall experience with the office has been an absolute blessing, he will always hold Dr. John and his staff in high regards. He also reports that the team was very informative regarding treatment and what to expect. The team at Paramount Health is blessed to be able to serve Larry, his wife and his two children in not only achieving health but maintaining their health.


When Cierra first came into Paramount Health Chiropractic she had doubts that chiropractic could help her. She thought her migraines that she had been experiencing for years would never go away. Cierra has been under neurologically based chiropractic care since March of 2018. She noted that within a few months her symptoms significantly decreased. Not only has Cierra been diminishing her symptoms while being under care, but her family is also seeing great results. Some symptoms her family is leaving behind includes: depression, headaches, and constipation!

Cierra had been experiencing these frequent migraines and headaches for several years. In order to cope with these migraines she was prescribed migraine medications and had to rely on Excedrin to help her get through the day. Cierra stated “Everyone heals differently. Some respond slower than others, so give Dr. John and his wonderful staff time to work their magic before giving up!” She said she would most definitely recommend chiropractic to others that are sick, suffering, and in pain.


Angela began care at Paramount Health Chiropractic in August of 2018. “After the birth of my 8th child I was experiencing pain in my hips. This was something I had never experienced before.” Angela’s pain was not only concentrated in her hips, but like many postpartum mothers this pain was also focused in her lower back as well as down her legs.

This pain made it difficult for Angela to walk and to pick up her newborn from his crib. She had struggled with this months prior to coming to our office. “Each morning it was hard for me to get out of bede and it hurt throughout the entire day.” Angela had heard about the benefits of chiropractic and believed it would help her get some relief from the pain she was experiencing. After just ONE MONTH under neurologically based chiropractic care Angela was excited to report that her pain was nearly entirely gone.

Angela reports she had been thoroughly assessed while under care at Paramount Health and that she was taken care of in a kind fashion. Angela continues to maintain her health through chiropractic care.


Lizzieann had suffered with depression for several years and had trouble eating and sleeping because of it. She saw other chiropractors for muscular skeletal issues but the results only lasted for one night. When Lizzieann first came into our office, she did not know all the benefits Chiropractic had to offer including depression. She thought, “This is just another place to spend money and still feel the same, but it is not!”

After Lizzieann’s first adjustment she slept better that night. Within a few months of care, she started noticing a huge difference within herself. She felt a lot happier, less stressed and she had more energy! Even better, Lizzieann could stop Citalopram for her depression!!

“I’m still feeling good, if not better! I don’t like drugs in my body.”Each day as she walked into our office we all noticed a different Lizzieann. You could tell her self-confidence was back and she was a happy young girl like she was designed to be. She loves coming in every week and tells anyone and everyone to come to neurologically based chiropractic care.

I want everyone to know how wonderful I feel! When they told me how often I would have to come, I was like ‘Wow, I’m going to get tired of it’ but I didn’t. It feels great getting up on the table again and knowing you’re in good hands!”


Atlee had been suffering for over 50 years with lower back pain and sciatica issues. Within the last 6 years it became so severe that he couldn’t even sleep in his bed at night.

At first, Atlee was doubtful that chiropractic could even help him. He then began noticing great results after 3 months of neurologically-based chiropractic corrective care. After 3 months Atlee said,

“Finally I am pain free for the first time in my life after 50 years! Now that I am pain free I can now sleep in my bed all night again!”

Atlee and his wife are both under neurologically based chiropractic care. After having such fast results he recently referred his son and other family members to seek chiropractic care. Now, the entire family is under care. The power of referral is amazing!


Vanessa is the two year old little girl pictured and had been suffering with continuous ear infections for an entire year. The medical doctor prescribed amoxicillin (an antibiotic) throughout that year, but it would only help for a short time, and then the ear infections would return. After many failed attempts to help Vanessa with drugs, the medical professionals recommended that she have tubes surgically implanted in her ears.

During that same year, Vanessa’s mother and father, Aurora and Jose, both got under neurologically based chiropractic care. Aurora for back pain, neck pain, and hand numbness and tingling, and Jose for back pain and pelvic problems; both getting amazing results for all these issues. More importantly however this wonderful couple learned about Vertebral Subluxation and health from Above, Down, Inside, Out. Upon gaining this understanding they decided to get Vanessa under care as well. Since receiving specific, scientific chiropractic adjustments Vanessa has not had a single ear infection! Her family is very happy that she is no longer taking any medications. Vanessa’s mother Aurora says, “I am very happy that my daughter has not had to continue taking medicine on a frequent basis like before.” Aurora goes on to say, “She (Vanessa) is totally healed and no longer needs tubes in her ears!


Kaylan had been struggling with fibromyalgia, celaics and migraines for many years. She recently started to get pain and tingling in her hands and feet that was moderately painful. The migraines and fibromyalgia would put her down for days at a time. She saw several doctors for these issues including a Rheumatologist, Neurologist, Autoimmune specialist and e

ven physical therapy. Kaylan was put on medication for her constant migraines and fibromyalgia to only find moderate results and still suffering from these issues. She was actually over medicated!

Before seeking help from neurologically based chiropractic care Kaylan says: “I really thought I would suffer forever.” After her first visit Kaylan left feeling very hopeful and excited to get on the right path to health and healing. She said her first impression was “Finally I am going to feel better, they get it here! I knew this was my answer. Once the doctor explained how it all worked, it just made sense to me.”

Within 5 months of being under care, Kaylan was able to eliminate ALL of her medications! She has been able to reintroduce gluten into her diet in small doses. She has not had a fibromyalgia flare up since starting care and the tingling in her hands stopped within a month! “I would absolutely recommend neurologically based chiropractic care to anyone, even if they are healthy!” She goes on to state how neurologically based chiropractic care is changing her life and even her Fiancé notices a difference in her. “My Fiancé has noticed the difference of me feeling better and says I’m not allowed to stop Chiropractic care because we finally have a plan that is working! One of the benefits I like best is that I don’t ache nearly as bad and I am not nearly as tired as I once was before I started coming to the office. Not to mention the tingling is gone, that was very annoying to have every day so for it to be gone is AMAZING!”


Dave experienced headaches daily for two years. Dave was taking 6-8 Excedrin migraine tablets daily and was tired of continuously taking medication.

When Dave first came to neurologically based chiropractic care, he was unsure of how chiropractic could help. However, after his first visit, Dave stated that “the office and the doctor were very caring and professional.”

After 2-3 weeks under care, the headaches Dave experienced subsided and did not return!

Not only is Dave under care, but so are members of his family for issues like back and hip pain. They too are experiencing and reporting that chiropractic has helped them.


My spiritual sister referred me to neurologically based chiropractic care. I was clinically diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and later Fibromyalgia. My problems started about 7 or 8 years ago. I was suffering from hair loss, weight gain, tiredness, and pain most of the time. My feet were swollen and my back and shoulder blades were very sensitive to touch. I had problems sleeping and sitting. I had neck pain most of the time to the point of me being bedridden for about 3 months. I was prescribed so many medications that I could not remember all of their names. (I did not take most of them because I have never liked taking chemicals.) I really came to chiropractic care out of desperation, but after my first adjustment, I was able to lay my head down without pain. After a few more adjustments the pain in my body was subsiding. I became hooked! After about 3 months of specific chiropractic care, I went to my physician for a check-up. She could not believe my numbers from my blood work. Almost all of my numbers were normal. When I told her I was not taking medication and that I was under chiropractic care, she told me that I needed to continue taking my medication. I have been drug free since December 2008.

I stopped coming in for adjustments for about a month (for personal reasons). My body responded unhappily. Now I am back on track and I am a happy, faithful patient. My father, mother, second oldest brother and one of my nephews have now joined the road of better health through chiropractic care. I tell anyone that will listen that this is the way to go. My energy levels are rising and I am functioning so much better.


“Now my left side is starting to curve in and my back is more relaxed!”

Courtney has been struggling with Scoliosis since she was 5 years old. Accompanying the scoliosis were frequent migraines, horrible back pain, numbness in arms, and digestive problems. As a child Courtney’s Pediatrician would give her Motrin for her headaches and she said, “It worked sometimes.”

Since coming to neurologically based chiropractic care in October 2015 Courtney says, “I get a migraine maybe once a month, my digestive system has been on point, and I have had very little back pain, if any.” Not only is Courtney getting relief from her symptoms she also shares:

“Since my back is the letter ‘S’ I have always had a hump on my left side from my muscles being pushed over. It never curved in on my left side either. It was always straight and I always thought that I looked awkward! Now my left side is starting to curve in and my back is more relaxed.”


Shirah came to the chiropractor in May 2007 after her grandmother had referred her mother and her family. At the time she was suffering with severe constipation and urinary tract infections. She was having bowel movements once every two weeks and it was so painful that at times she couldn’t walk. Shirah’s Urologist and Gastrologist couldn’t find anything wrong with her! She was taking Miralax (which made her bowel movements uncontrollable).

After her third specific, scientific, chiropractic adjustment, she went home and had three bowel movements in two days. Thank God, she is now back to normal! Her mother Kristy was suffering with depression, her father with spinal pain, and her brother with speech and hearing problems. Now mom is no longer on medication and the whole family is healthier through chiropractic care. Mom says she was a complete skeptic, but now tells anyone who will listen about specific, scientific, chiropractic care.


Cindy had been suffering from severe bronchitis and respiratory issues for the last 50 years of her life. She tested positive for COPD by lung specialists several years ago. Cindy was taking many drugs, steroids and inhalers for these issues. At one point she was so sick and the hospital almost put her on a ventilator to help with her breathing! This attack was so severe that she actually missed 3 months of work! She knew about neurologically based chiropractic from church and says she couldn’t wait until to finally come. Now, she is thrilled that she is a current practice member of neurologically based chiropractic care. “He has a gift to serve people!”

Since being under chiropractic care (which at first was for other musculoskeletal complaints) she shortly started noticing results! She was then re-tested for her COPD later on and the results were NEGATIVE! Cindy eliminated all medications and inhalers for the whole year since being under care. She was so amazed with the results from Torque Release Technique! “I never thought this would help with my breathing and lungs like it has.” She says she would most definitely recommend chiropractic to others. “What do you have to lose? If people could get off their medications, what a blessing!”


At six weeks old, Ava’s parents brought her to the chiropractor for infant reflux and colic. She was constantly crying and irritable due to gas and little sleep. Her parents described her situation as severe because she hardly slept and cried all the time. As first time parents, Alison and Brad were also suffering with lack of sleep and much concern for their baby girl. Ava’s pediatrician prescribed Prevacid and prescription gas medications. Neither Brad nor Alison had been to a principled chiropractor before; however, they had a niece who had received excellent results with her infant reflux through neurologically based chiropractic care.

Ava’s Mom and Dad say, “Within a week, Ava was sleeping through the night. We now have a happy child. It feels like we have a new baby.” With Ava’s healing and then learning more about principled chiropractic care, Alison and Brad decided to have their nervous systems and spines evaluated. Now the entire family enjoys the benefits of corrective chiropractic care.

Alison and Brad would like to tell all parents, “If you have a baby, have he or she checked by a principled chiropractor as soon as possible”.


Chrissy, Logan, and Ariel had been referred to a neurologically based chiropractor by their mother in February 2008. Cheryl, their mother, had received positive changes in her health through specific chiropractic care, so she wanted to make sure that her children’s nervous systems were also functioning at optimum level from Above-Down-Inside-Out.

Logan had been referred to the chiropractor to improve and maintain overall health. Since starting care, his mom has noticed that his concentration has improved and his desire to learn as well.

Chrissy had been referred to her medical doctor by numerous teachers over the years to be tested for Attention Deficit Disorder. She also had a history of migraine headaches and frequent severe nosebleeds. Chrissy’s pediatrician diagnosed her problems as “something that she would grow out of…” After 4 1/2 weeks of neurologically based specific chiropractic care, she no longer has migraines, has had only 1 nosebleed, and best of all, she has a new attitude about school. Now knowing Chrissy had started chiropractic care, her teachers asked her mom, Cheryl, if she had put Chrissy on ADD medications because of the difference they saw in her. Cheryl said, “Of course I haven’t. She’s just Well-Adjusted now!” Cheryl says the teachers are astounded by Chrissy’s results.

Ariel’s teacher had also recommended that she be tested and treated with prescription drug therapy for ADHD. After 4 1/2 weeks of specific chiropractic care, Ariel is now able to sit still and listen well versus fidgeting all the time. She also for the first time has been referred to the SAGE program at her school i.e Special Activities for Gifted Students program.


Caelyn Banks was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of 18 months. Despite many ups and downs, she has come a long, long way.

As a Grandmother, I would often speak to young mothers about their little ones. While visiting a church, I met Trisha Edmonson. In a conversation about my Caelyn, she told me about neurologically based chiropractic care. She said, “I know she will get better with God’s help.”I mentioned this to my daughter and we decided to check into it. Caelyn began neurologically based chiropractic Care in December of 2010.Her behavior had been getting totally out of control and we needed help!

At first, it was such a task to get Caelyn in the door for her adjustments…but now, it is a delight to see her slide her member card on her own and get ready for her adjustments!

Caely is 6 years old, a first grader who loves to read. We are thanking God for the improvements we have seen already in her speech and behavior. ALSO, SHE MADE STRAIGHT A’S THIS QUARTER!!


Wyatt was brought to his neurologically based chiropractor by his mother, who was already a practice member having amazing results with her migraines and carpal tunnel. Wyatt is 3 years old and has struggled with asthma his whole life. During the fall and winter months he was on breathing treatments and steroids to help his breathing difficulties.

When Wyatt’s mother learned about neurologically based chiropractic care for children, she immediately brought him. His first specific, scientific adjustment was in October, which is the season when his asthma is the most severe. After being under chiropractic care throughout the fall and winter, Wyatt was able to stop all breathing treatments, singulair, and steroids!

Not only was he able to eliminate ALL these medications, but he has not been as sick as usual! Wyatt’s mother refers many people and children to neurologically based chiropractic care.